"Most of the average Canadians take him as a normal person and not a narcissistic, pathological liar. If you give someone with his level of pathology the benefit of the doubt, they will lead you by the nose into the cage they’ve prepared for you"

It makes me sad to hear that the average Canadians take him as a normal person.

IT is the same here in the USA Just about all of our leaders are woke and ridiculous.

I regard what has happened as a Communist takeover and the goal is to boldly deliberately lie constantly to the people with the goal of training them to think he is a normal person. Just remember, his goal is EVIL and is the total destruction of Canada and enslavement of the people.

Same goes for what has been accomplished in the USA. There has been a communist takeover of the USA and it started many years ago.

Sabotage it in every little subversive little way you can.

Yes, Justin had a rough beginning as a newborn so his ancestry and imprinting was abnormal from the beginning.

I think if I wanted to sabotage the communist takeover my country I would print up a paper from the material linked below and just leave it around in public places.



Yes, he is to be pitied but he has turned into an evil monster. He will lie, kill, steal and destroy without the slightest hint of conscience and personal wrongdoing.

Anybody can pray for whomever they want. I pray for Putin and Russia that the errors of Communism will be wiped from that country. I feel there is a greater chance of Russia turning Christian than the USA turning Christian.

Get the people laughing at him and not taking him seriously.

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I think people give Trudeau too much credit when they say he is a narcissist.

I believe JT is a third class actor who is playing a role handed to him by much more powerful, and intelligent, handlers.

Wait and see what happens to JT when the floor drops out from under him. He will be discarded by his globalist handlers and scapegoated like other world leaders who have outlived their usefulness: like the Primer Minister of New Zealand and The Netherlands.

JT so bad badly wants to be part of this inner circle of globalists but is going to find out he was nothing more than a patsy. Useful for a time and then discarded. It's the way Luciferians work.

It's quite sad really.

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JT's job as Prime Minister of Canada is NOT to "keep people alive, keep people safe, and keep democracy going". His job is to defend the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which he absolutely chose not to do at any time in the last 8 years as Prime Minister.

"Keep democracy going..." Wow! That an all-cap GASLIGHTING in my estimation.

I can hardly stand to watch this man and this video was no exception. He's of the "if his lips are moving, he's lying variety" and I don't even believe these lies are his own. He just regurgitates whatever script is put before him in his role as Prime Minister.

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Jordan Peterson aa world renown Clinical Psychologist offered the opinion that Justin Trudeau is a classic Narcissist. Since Peterson is a professional, Trudeau has every right to sue Peterson if he believes that is not true. He has declined to do that.


I’ll take this matter a step further. Justin grew-up constantly hearing his Mother referred to as a whore. Consider the impacts that would have had on a young teenage boy. Narcistic behaviour is a defence mechanism used by people to protect their Egos, their sense of their own self worth. On the issue of Trudeau’s narcissism, we not only have the testimony of a world-class psychologist, but a likely indication of the cause.



Please read this and judge for yourself.



Trudeau Gaslighting

A classic narcissist …



Justin Trudeau’s federal cabinet has numerous similarities to Adolf Hitler’s inner circle. Loyalty to him is valued above all else. Justin is not known to be a deep thinker, so to become a member of his inner circle it helps greatly if you yourself are not very bright, and/or have very little personal ambition. I’ve included a list of the Cabinet members and Liberal MPs who meet that description below. The ethical standards of those individuals can be easily assessed. Research the qualifications of those appointed to Trudeau’s Cabinet. Can you not see the problem ?


Until Trudeau was elected, a Canadian PM had never been convicted of an Ethics Violation. Since 2015 Justin has been convicted SIX TIMES. Can you recall a Liberal MP ever being critical of Trudeau ??? There are more restrictions on the Freedom of Speech of Trudeau’s compatriots than anyone else in Canada.


Trudeau is recognized world-wide as being a tyrant with Totalitarian political views. He is famous for his use of Divide and Conquer tactics. Due to his early life experience, he frequently displays his hatred of Old Stock Canadians. The prime minister of Canada has a duty to try to unite the people, but for 8 years now Justin has been doing the precise opposite.


There is a question on many Canadians minds. Canada is being run by a VERY SICK PUPPY. Will Canada survive or will Justin ???


Liberal MPs and Cabinet members


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