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Trudeau: A Masterclass in Gaslighting

Watch The Canadian Prime Minister Pat Himself On The Back For His Pandemic Response

Framing The Conversation

No matter how you feel about Trudeau, one thing that must be acknowledged is that he’s good at his job. And, no… I’m not talking about his job as the Prime Minister of Canada. I’m referring to his job as a politician.

It’s not for no reason that he’s into his 3rd term in a row. And it’s not because he’s so good at his duties as Prime Minister either.

The man is an absolute MASTER at framing the conversation, deflecting important questions, blaming everyone but himself, congratulating his own efforts and villainizing anyone who tries to call him out on any of it.

How It’s Done

In the video above, you’ll see a psychological masterclass in manipulation, justification, diversion and patronization that speaks to the level of high functioning narcissistic sociopathy he embodies.

With smug, feigned confusion at why anyone would have taken issue with any of the actions that he instituted over the pandemic, he proceeds to pat himself on the back while congratulating himself on a job well done at the world scale.

Then, without missing a beat, he acknowledges and simultaneously belittles people who completely disagree with everything he just said as sad, hapless, uninformed victims of their own delusion.

The gaslighting gets turned up full blast as he proceeds to patronize and infantilize those people he’s deemed himself the savior of. Placing himself as their selfless, benevolent protector who never forced them to do anything. Only ever gently guiding them towards the best course of action that they, for some unknown reason, cannot see for themselves.

What’s Left Unsaid

The trick to this entire charade is not so much in what’s said, but in what’s specifically left unsaid.

Those things left unsaid could be grouped into two categories:

  1. Things he purposely left out of the conversation

  2. Obviously slanted, if not incorrect, things he says and doesn’t have to qualify

Let’s start with the first category and hit a few highlights.

“I chose to make sure that all of the incentives and the protections were there to make sure that Canadians got vaccinated.”

The incentives he’s referencing include:

  • Segregation from society until vaccinated

  • Encouragement of businesses to follow his federal example of “get vaccinated or get fired”

  • Exclusion from being able to travel by air, rail or sea both domestically and internationally for all Canadian citizens who weren’t vaccinated, regardless of the reason why

  • Overtly villainizing those of his citizens who weren’t vaccinated in print media, in interviews and as a tactic for re-election as dangerous and deplorable conspiracy theorists, racist variant factories and misogynous plague rats. The reason for all of Canada’s pandemic woes and a threat to your children, your grandma and yourself

Here’s another thing he somehow left out… when those villainized, dehumanized and ostracized he’d so righteously segregated stood up for themselves in a 3 week, nation wide peaceful protest for their rights, their wellbeing and their voice.

You remember? Because I’m sure he does. But somehow left that part out of his summery rundown.

The part where he was made an international mockery. Where he hid in other countries claiming he was sick with Covid (while fully vaccinated of course) hoping the protests would blow over before he got back. Where, when they didn’t, he avoided any and all interaction with the people that were demanding his attention. Where he invoked a “break glass in case of war” act to physically remove/abuse them, incarcerated them, and freeze the bank accounts of anyone who he deemed financial supporters of them.

Yeah… somehow that didn’t make the short list of greatest Covid response in the world.

How about the part where he encouraged all kids to get vaccinated. Even if their parents didn’t know about it or approve of it.


The same age demographic that had a near statistically 0.0% chance of hospitalization or death already. The same demographic that was seeing skyrocketing rates of life limiting and even fatal cardiac reactions to these shots. The same demographic that was being gatekept from going back to school without them.

Strange how that didn’t factor into his perception of keeping his people safe… you know… his “job”.

I could go on, but let’s now look at the second category: Obviously slanted, if not incorrect, things he says and doesn’t have to qualify.

His very first contention, that all of the scientists and health experts agreed that vaccination was the way out of this. On the surface, he’s not far off the truth. But it’s in the details where we all know what was actually going on.

Not all scientists and health experts agreed that vaccination was the way out. Including Nobel laureate virologists, evolutionary biologists, clinical practitioners and even someone who helped create the mRNA technology these injections were based on.

Of that group of scientists and experts, those who spoke out openly lost their jobs, reputations, medical licenses and social media access. But many, many more who didn’t speak out knew that they would get the same treatment and opted to remain silent for their own societal safety.

“While not forcing anyone to get vaccinated”… Let’s hit this gem now.

I mean, c’mon now. This reeks of the same kind of abuser gaslighting and victim blaming that the best sociopaths use after abusing their victims. “I never forced you to do it”… “It was always a choice”… “You did this to yourself”.

Coming from Trudeau, who has a past that includes the alleged sexual abuse of a minor, this kind of thing is endemic of the kind of entitled and unaccountable narcissist he is.

“And that’s why we had a less deadly pandemic than most other countries”… I could go on and on with this one. Whether it’s the clearly misrepresented Covid case and death statistics, the massive false positive rate of over-spun PCR tests, or the fact that Canada is simply much more populationally spread out than most other countries; there are many reasons why the numbers look like they do. But if you want a good run down of the pertinent stats, I’ll defer to my fellow substacker Sheldon Yakiwchuk in this recent post covering the same topic:

Yakk Stack
All of the scientists and the medical experts...
Read more

How It Works

Here’s the thing though, and it’s what allows for Trudeau to continue his unimpeded reign of slander, gaslighting and general psudo-tyranny. He says all these things over and over again for precisely two reasons:

  1. It throws his detractors into a scramble to counter all of the many bullshits he leaves in his wake. (An exhausting task, I assure you)

  2. Most of the average Canadians take him as a normal person and not a narcissistic, pathological liar. If you give someone with his level of pathology the benefit of the doubt, they will lead you by the nose into the cage they’ve prepared for you

It’s for those two reasons that he can do what you see him doing above, wash his hands of it all and allow the citizens he just divided to fight amongst themselves.

It’s actually dumbfounding to watch. It works without fail. And it’s why we can’t take it personally…

He’s the best at his job.

And his job is divide & conquer.

~ Drew Weatherhead

Listen to the Full Podcast Episode:

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