What Catholics Believe YouTube Channel

24:20 video rintime

This was recorded and broadcast on local Public Access TV and I think on BET national TV network in about 1991.

This was uploaded to YouTube in 2014.

All three of these Traditional Catholic priests are still priests but their affiliation is no longer in communion with the Vatican and the "popes" since Pope Pius XII who died in 1958.


The subject of what it means to "be human" is very much related to the philosophical ideas shared in this video.

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Very interesting article, Drew! I think this is exactly right: " In essence, what Moloch is - by Alexander's account - is humanities propensity to adjust their morals to get ahead." I am worried about AI taking a writer's place. My daughter told me recently all I had to do was put some keywords in a program & it would write an awesome poem for me. What? I know a lot of former English students who would have down that to get ahead in my class. Yikes! (Interesting how this program won't allow me to correct "down" for "done"???)

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