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Drew - great to read how you came to this spot in your life. Of course you, me and lots of others wish we weren't in a techno-tyranny but here we are.

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I can’t wait to purchase your print version of the book. The journey has been painful and often terrifying, but we are all stronger now, and less gullible and naive. Standing together we will get through it and create a better world for our children. Thank you for your voice.

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Hi Drew,

Just listening to this podcast from November 2022. Had to pause, due to something you said early in this podcast:


Your claim is that the U.S. did not shut its border against unvaccinated foreign nationals until June 13th, 2022. A week before Turdeau suspended travel restrictions against we, the unwashed, unjabbed Canuckians.

I beg to differ. We wouldn't even be having this conversation, were that the actual case.

I tried to fly out of Canada, to the US, in November of 2021, just before Trudeau's travel mandates against unvaxxed Canadians fully kicked in on November 30th, 2021.

Alas though: it was on November 8th, 2021 that the US finally reopened its land and air (and sea) borders.

But only for fully vaccinated visitors... therefore I was thwarted.


Every 3 months since November 8th 2021, Biden and the CDC have extended that US Emergency Order.


It was the reason Djokovic was unable to play in the USA in 2022, and still isn't permitted to do so.


I'm STILL trying to get to the free states of Texas and Florida, from B.C.

How the heck were you able to flee the True North, so weakened under Turdeau's tyranny, to the United States, if you actually did so prior to November 8, 2021?

Guess I'll need to finish your podcast for the answer. (Or peruse your earlier shows.)

Me? Still trying.

Might fly to Mexico and cross a land border from there, as was my plan in late November 2021, but was thwarted due to being unable to get a PCR test done due to Lower Mainland flooding.

Shit happens and continues to.

Really need to find a way out of here though, before I lose my mind.


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