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Episode 300 with Dr. Peter McCullough

The state of the disease, the state of the vaccines & the state of the bio-pharmaceutical complex

300 Episodes Strong

It’s hard to believe that since beginning the Social Disorder Podcast barely over a year ago (February 13th, 2022), that we’ve just hit our 300th episode!

And what better way to cap this milestone off with than a one-on-one interview with one of the most powerful, practical and clinical voices in the pandemic — Dr. Peter McCullough!

The State of the World

In this episode, Dr. McCullough speaks to the state of:

  • Global travel

  • Social media takeover of the COVID narrative

  • The former and current variations of the SARS CoV-2 virus

  • The remaining mRNA vaccines, their lack of science and dangers

  • The up-tick and dangers of myocarditis

  • Dangers of spike protein in pregnant women

  • Instances of famous athletes being injured by vaccines and falsely reported

  • Why young, healthy people seem to be dying suddenly in their sleep

  • A remarkable discovery of an anti-spike protein supplement from Japan called Nattokinese

  • The disturbing trend in pop-culture and the medical industry towards medically transitioning the genders of young people and children

  • The upcoming release of his next works

  • and MORE!

Listen Now!

This is an episode NOT to be missed!

We thank Dr. McCullough for his tireless efforts in the ongoing fight against medical tyranny and the results of the damages we’ve incurred from them.

Click the link below to listen to this landmark episode on Spotify or Apple Podcasts:

The Social Disorder Podcast Ep. 300: Dr. Peter McCullough - Courageous Discourse



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